Austin, Texas is known for its plentiful options of live music entertainment on a nightly basis. It is a town filled with both natives and transplants who pour in primarily for the career opportunity and the music. But there is another hidden gem, another segment of the arts: visual art. While the area does a fine job of creating easily accessible annual and bi-annual artistic opportunities for the masses, there is still a group that prefers a more intimate art experience. 

Enter SoireeATX.

For those who enjoy meeting other like-minded professionals and executives who have taken interest in fine arts, the quarterly hosted events create a more personable environment between the art appreciator, collector, and the artist. These intimate and minimal events put a focus on the artist while allowing attendees to become an integral part of the fine arts community. They allow for that connection to be built and the artists’ life experiences and inspirations to be heard. They foster deeper interpersonal connections so the event attendee knows they are taking home a part of the artist with them. Their stories left on the canvas travel on.

We look forward to connecting with you soon.

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